Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spur Trail: Myles Standish State Forest (near Plymouth, MA)

Spur Trail?
Every once in a while, I'll review a Spur Trail: a trip that can provide for an interesting couple of hours but not the grandeur of a national park or enough for a full day's visit.  Basically, if you are in the area, stop by, but I wouldn't necessarily tell someone to go out of their way to see it.

On a rainy morning in early October, The Hammer and I realized that our planned summit of one of the White Mountains in New Hampshire would be rather pointless.  We still wanted to get out of the city, though, and hence, Myles Standish State Park.

The state park is a perfectly adequate - large and flat - patch of forest about 45 minutes southeast of Boston, with as many cranberry bogs as you would want.  However, I can't recommend a visit unless you (1) bring a GPS with your car's location entered, (2) don't really care when you get back to the car, or (3) don't venture far from the car. 

This is not your friend.

"But, Stumbles, you have a picture of a trail map right here!  How could you get lost?" you ask.   We literally stumbled across this map in the middle of nowhere a couple of miles into the hike.  Every attempt to follow it led us to a dead end.  True, the entire network of trails is blazed.  But they are all blazed blue.  Not very helpful when you get to an intersection and need to know which way to go.

Only by sheer luck and The Hammer's sense of direction are we not still out there.  We got so turned around - I did not have my GPS - that I can't give you a good trail description.  Just be warned and enjoy the photos.

One of the bridal paths we encountered.

If you go: The state park website has useful information, directions, and an overview map.  We explored the wildlife management area starting from the parking lot between Three Cornered Pond Rd. and Upper College Pond Rd.